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2016 was a very strange year for me to say the least , a real rollercoaster. A year full of beautiful moments and opportunities, but also a year full of transition, change and frustration. A lot of patience was required from me. Right now I am SO ready for 2017, I'm planning to give lots of energy, MUSIC and most of all LOVE, the world definitely needs more of it. I hope 2017 will be spectacular for all of you. Let's turn all the negative to positive and make sure to be kind to eachother. There's a lot of pain, fair and uncertainty in many parts of the world. Many of you say "there's nothing I can do about what happens in the rest of the world" . But that is not true. One man can make a difference, and it starts with you. #spreadlove #HappyNewYear #LoveYouAll



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